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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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coming up, walking wall street. the world reacts to the u.s. market plunged. what's next? >> violence on the streets of london. police struggle to contain hundreds of rioters. >> and a woman attempted to swim from cuba to the florida keys but that has come to an end. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's tuesday, august 9. thanks for joining us this morning. i am cynne simpson. . >> i am natasha barrett. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment, but if we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> vrs belfort furniture weather center this tuesday morning tracking some active weather that's moving our way. cumberland maryland, if the only location in our viewing area with rain showers. a nice downpour moving through cumberland moving west to east
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along 68 and especially with the 28 intersection. we have much more action off in west virginia, mainly light some embedded moderate showers. this is moving east. later this morning we expects body showers across our region. and partly sunny skies around lunchtime. been spotty downpours. there will be some areas of rain with downpours later this afternoon. 92 is a high temperature. outer loop that telegraph road, a minor crash. it was moved to the shoulder. metro rail, marc rail, virginia railway express, a good start. we will take you to the geico camera. out of frederick into oncoming county, this is to 70 approaching 109, a normal delay. in virginia northbound 395 leaving the beltway past duke street, still quiet. back to you. >> thank you. 6:01.
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the freefall on wall street the dow jones begins the day down more than 600 points after stock markets buckled on monday. the overnight trading in asia and in europe in a tailspin, not over yet. philip stewart is live in the newsroom where things stand before the opening bell. >> the day ahead is looking a bit dim. u.s. stock futures are falling right now down more than 100 points. they were up 300 points a few hours ago. asian markets closed down. major european markets are down right now as well. all this could set up a 13th straight day of losses on wall street today. it comes after the lowest close in 10 months. the dow jones ended monday off 634 points. dollars trillion in stock market value has been wiped out over concerns about the ongoing debt crisis in europe and uncertainty about the u.s. debt. the ripple effect from the u.s. credit downgrade means higher
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interest rates on credit cards and student loans. and there's a worry the market downturn will put jobs at risk. >> on any given day the ebb and flow of the stock market is about confidence. right now there's no confidence. >> consumers react if by pulling back, the odds of recession go up very quickly. our tester is drop was made worse when the s&p downgraded mortgage giant fannie mae and freddie mac's, which means the cost of buying a house could now increased by tens of thousands of dollars. nervous investors meanwhile are looking to washington this morning for some help. the federal reserve meets today and all eyes will be on chairman ben bernanke as we did to see if he announces any new plans to boost economic growth. we will keep an eye on it. philip stewart reporting. >> on our facebook page we ask whether you thought president obama can combat -- can calm the
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nation's economic fears. kumar says we should not ask the president to resign. we would like to hear your thoughts. log on to facebook/ a developing story frofrom aruba. a maryland native, robyn gardner, disappeared. her boyfriend and her family are fearing the worst after she has been missing six days. mike conneen has the latest on the investigation. >> she lived in bethesda and was from frederick and worked at a local dentist office. a couple weeks ago she lost that job. with extra time on her hands she decided to take a vacation in aruba. if abc 7 has learned that she vanished while on vacation. now honorable friend and her family are fearing the worst. >> i cannot even explain it. >> 35-year-old robyn gardner's
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boyfriend fears that she is dead. >> id and six days. >> she left for aruba on july 31. your friend richard forrester says that they've been together two and a half years, but quarreled before she left. the daughter last e-mail on thursday. >> the last message was i love you, we will talk and sort things out when i get back. >> he originally thought that she went to aruba with a friend, but now believes it was a romantic rival. her companion in aruba and told authorities that a current pulled her out to sea while snorkeling. >> i feel in my heart that something happened at this person's hand. >> aruban authorities detained her companion, 50-year-old gary giordano when he tried to leave the island. forestry acknowledges that hope is fading. >> all i can imagine is that what ever happened to her, she was screaming for me and i was not there. >> there is snow a gary giordano in maryland.
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abc 7 news has learned that he has a lengthy rap sheet that includes domestic violence. today the islands of aruba has become the scene of an extensive search for this woman a case strikingly similar to the 2005 disappearance of natalee holloway. vrswe are outside the natalee holloway research center -- resource center. the boyfriend and the family has reached out to the center for help. the bodies of 30 u.s. troops killed in afghanistan will return to the u.s. oil today. about is will arrive at dover air force base in delaware this morning. they died last week when their helicopter crashed en route to help soldiers caught in a firefight. president obama and defense secretary leon panetta said the crash will not change u.s. strategy in afghanistan. >> parts of london were set on fire for the third straight night. police say rioters torched buildings and cars and looted
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stores and attacked police. the violence has now spread to birmingham, bristol, and liverpool. at least 450 people have been arrested. police called in hundreds of reinforcements to help deal with the worst unrest indicates. >> looking at the day ahead, president obama will announce new fuel efficiency standards for trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles. you'll make the announcement at interstate moving services in springfield. the white house says the new standards will save businesses tens of billions of dollars in fuel costs and cut pollution. the first wave of workers are beginning to move into the mark center in alexandria this tweet. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is a status and a task force to help ease gridlock associated " with the brac realignment and that the task force will implement a traffic management plan to limit the congestion. we need that. >> absolutely. all of that helps. 74 degrees outside.
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>> still ahead an epic personal journey ended early. why diana nyad stopped her solo swim from my vanna -- from havana to florida. >> and why a mother turned the gun on her
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this year we have a demolition derby, a huge parade, and also carnival rides. don't miss out on this
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spectacular event. good morning washington. it's a very pleasant start to our tuesday morning. we have clear skies overhead in the metro area. we are live in arlington. a beautiful sight of the federal city. the monuments downtown. sunrise in a few minutes at 6:15 a.m. 78 degrees at reagan national, 71 at dulles airport. 68 in cumberland. there are showers moving through. live triple doppler 7, a moderate downpours moving west to east, moving out of cumberland and pushing east along 68 in western maryland and potomac highlands. otherwise, no action across the rest of the viewing area. stormscan shows we have more action in west virginia that will continue pushing our way. spotty showers developing and moving into town later this morning with scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. we expect downpours later on
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today. not everybody will get them. staff of the region will. 92 for the high temperature. 90 tomorrow, slight chance of late-day storm. best chance of nice weather is thursday and friday. heavy volume of traffic spotted on the highway. metro rail is a good idea. normal volume on 270, 66, 50. we will go to the beltway picture and new hampshire ave. looks like that is moving nicely. and we will go to our next camera, which is out of town at the wilson bridge, no worries. back to you. >> thank you. people using the bikeshare program in d.c. could get three helmets. this is ordering 500 helmets to give to people who use the program. riders over 16 are not required to wear a helmet, but the city knows that giving the helmets out will encourage people to actually wear them. even if you don't get one of these helmets, the city plans to order more in the future. >> all about safety.
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cars and bicycles. it's a little dicey. >> we all share the road. 73 degrees or rather 74 degrees outside. >> coming up, the faa is back in business. that actually means a slight drop in air fares. we will explain why. >> marking 6
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captioned by the national captioning institute tech our top stories, asian and european stock markets fell again today. the losses were not as severe as yesterday. wall street appears to be heading for another sell-off today. this is a day after the dow jones lost more than 600 points in its biggest one-day drop since the 2008 financial crisis. virginia setting up a task force to find ways to ease gridlock associated with the brac realignment. the panel will implement a plan to ease congestion.
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that's going on near the alexandria mark center. the first wave of pentagon employees will begin moving to the area this week's. japan held a memorial to mark 66 years since an atomic bomb fell on nagasaki. 80,000 people were killed in the explosion that helped end world war ii. this is the first time the u.s. has sent a representative to the event. the u.s. renews its pledge to work toward a world without nuclear weapons. 6:15 is the time. learning more about a local psychiatrist to shot and killed the son and then herself. the bodies of margaret jensvold and her 13-year-old son ben barnes hardware found last week at their home in kensington. she left a suicide note that mention mounting debt. your family says that she was afraid that her son, always overweight and was autistic, would be bullied at a public school. people get cornered and get into a situation where they feel there's no answer.
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it is sad sad. >> she also said in the note that she thought her son would be permanently traumatized by her suicide. d.c. police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body near the old post office pavilion in downtown d.c. the body was found yesterday morning. investigators blocked off the area and scored the scene for more than six hours. police sources tell us the woman was stabbed multiple times. there is still no word on her identity. tech news, nomination, a nationwide manhunt is underway for three florida siblings suspected of carrying out a dangerous crime spree. police say that ryan dougherty, stanley dougherty, and grace dougherty shot at a police officer's car and robbed a georgia bank. their faces are on billboards from texas to new york and their mother wants them to turn themselves in. a texas jury is set to begin deliberating the fate of convicted polygamous leader
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warren steps. he was convicted last week of sexually assaulting two underage girls. he took them as brides. prosecutors showed jurors the interests of the girls and played an audio tape of him preparing five young girls for sex. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. remember diana nyad attempting to swim from cuba to florida? that is over. she was pulled from the water early this morning after swimming for 29 hours. her blog says heavy wind was part of the reasons she had to end the journey. she first tried to make a swim when she was 28. he was not successful at that time. now she is 61 and she says calling off the latest swim was the right decision. >> either way, good for her. >> that is a serious swim. not many people that can do that. making news in america's money, air fares drop with the the faa back on the job. >> plus, all eyes are watching
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wall street. tanya rivero has those stories and more. >> good morning. more fallout for the u.s. credit rating downgrade. asian markets made up some lost ground after starting the day with a steep dive. indexes in south korea and japan are down sharply once again. oil tumbled to its lowest price in the year. $79 a barrel. this follows a big sell-off on wall street. the dow jones lost 634 points, the six largest drop ever. there's speculation the fed could take action when it meets today. the s&p downgraded and demand for tmap. they are government-funded. if washington did not pay its debts, the problem would filter down. "dream act warns the downgrade could cause a major disruption in the housing market. u.s. airlines are rolling back temporary hiprice hikes. -- "dream act"freddie mac warns that
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the u.s. downgrade could cause a major disruption in the housing market. i have some great news. i just tweeted that the best days this week will be thursday and friday. >> that's good. >> perfect. if you want to take a day off thursday or friday. and friday. >> we are not endorsing that behavior. [laughter] here's a look at damascus elementary. notice the beautiful sky color above, around sunrise. sunrise at 6:15. a couple minutes ago. scattered clouds across the metro area. 78 degrees now in the district, 71 the dulles record, 73 in winchester. in winchester, cloudy. 70 in martinsburg. cloud deck will continue to push our way.
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. live super doppler 7. we don't have any action across the metro area. the majority of our viewing area is dry with increasing clouds. east of cumberland along 68 there is moderate rain and light showers beginning to develop. a heavy downpour long 28 right there between the border of maryland and west virginia and the potomac highlands. yes we have more action upstream. that is getting pushed our way. more spotty showers expected to move into town later on this morning and even in the metro area. hit or miss spider showers this morning and some downpours by the afternoon. but sunshine in between. not the worst day. a cold front will move in later this evening. that will trigger storms. a better cold front moves into more afternoon and evening especially in the last humid air on thursday and friday. 92 for the high temperatures today with afternoon downpours. low humidity and comfortable on thursday and friday after a slight chance of rain tomorrow.
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looks good in traffic. outer loop at telegraph road, there was a minor crash, but don't worry, it's on the soda. look at the pace of traffic. the headlights are southbound leading gaithersburg to get through rockville, not bad this morning across the american legion bridge. more to come in traffic but now to the news desk. 6:21, 74 degrees outside. >> i hope it stays that way. coming up, the redskins quarterback battle heats up. in days before the team takes to the field. >> today on "oprah," donahue geraldo, sally, ricki, and montel, at 4:00 on abc 7. tv talk show hosts reunite.
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one of the sexiest man alive may be off the market again. this took to the bill weeks. george clooney is rumored to have a new girlfriend, this woman. the oscar winner is being linked to the former "dancing with the stars"contest and stacy keebler. he recently broke things off with the italian fashion model two weeks ago. >> there's a rumor that she has sending him her -- >> apparently is appetite has changed. tiger woods is still a
6:25 am
little fallout. this comes from his sex scandal. a luxury watchmaker is ending a $10 million endorsement deal with the golfer. the company stopped using his image in the u.s. and international adds after his infidelity was revealed in 2009. -- ads. it is the sixth company to drop tiger woods. >> is this link to the sex scandal or to the fact that he has not been playing the way he used to? >> i think it's everything altogether. >> probably so. the redskins' preseason opener with pittsburgh is 3 days away now. who takes the field in landover as the no. 1 quarterback? that question remains up in the air. on monday rex grossman got the majority of repetitions and was exhausted at the end of practice. >> i have never done this.
6:26 am
going back to college with spring training. now just thrown into the mix. and you play on friday. so we are doing the best we can. we are a lot better than i thought we would be. >> mike shanahan says he will announce friday's starters tomorrow. >> something to look forward to. still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> the end of an era on capitol hill. why nearly 200-year-old tradition on the chopping block. >> more than five years after the disappearance of natalee holloway, another american woman has gone missing in aruba. this time she is from our area. mike conneen live in northwest details coming up. >> and sign outside the window right now in the metro area, but the clouds are increasing expand the weather will become a
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>> live, and in hd, this is
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"good morning, washington" on your side. >> straight ahead 12 days of drops. what is next for wall street? how will what house stop the market meltdown. good morning, washington. >> we will begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam castile with a look at your forecast. -- adam cast thekey with a look at your forecast. right now you are seeing moderate to heavy rain. in it is moving west east through cumberland and moving eastward through the potomac ireland. and lower 70's in outlying areas. -- is moving west to east
6:31 am
through cumberland in moving through the potomac ireland. 92 this afternoon. sunny and comfortable by thursday and friday. >> our activity on the traffic side is the volume. this is headlights' northbound. you will flow through woodbridge. 66 from manassas into fair oaks. this is 270 between 109 and the beltway. no accidents have been reported. not bad if you are heading to the airport. good are the greenway. we did have some minor crash in alexandria. when you get there, that will be on the shoulder. now the news. >> our top story this morning another wild ride on wall street. the dow was down more than 600 points in overseas markets --
6:32 am
the dow was down more than 600 points and overseas markets followed suit overnight. >> certainly shaping up to be an uncertain day on wall street. right now futures are down 24 points but they happen all over the map during the past 24 hours. ifoverseas markets opened strong better now down in asia and europe. this could be a 13th straight day of losses on wall street. it comes after the low wasest day in months. the ripple effect from the u.s. credit downgrade could mean higher interest rates on credit cards and student loans. there is also fear this will put
6:33 am
jobs at risk. meantime, standard and poor's is facing increasing criticism this morning for a string of downgrades. some say it is some big enough to judge global economies. >> the analysis of the economy of the united states is something that requires enormous resources that go far beyond the resources of s&p. >> i wish as if he were just another voice among the multitude of voices. >> critics also point out s&p missed the enron crisis and gave an a rating for lehman brothers. still, they are defending their downgrade. meanwhile, the federal reserve meets today, and all eyes will be on ben bernanke to see if he announces in the new plans to boost economic growth. we will follow that through the day. >> a day to watch for sure.
6:34 am
on our facebook page we asked if you think president obama can calm the nation's economic fears. jennifer rights i bow we throw them all out and start over. term limits and no lobbyists would be a good starting point. you can join the conversation by logging onto facebook. >> we're following a developing story coming in from aruba. five years after the disappearance of natalie holloway, another american woman is missing. she is from this region. they have not heard from her now in six days and are fearing the worst. we're live with the latest on the investigation, including a possible person of interest in the disappearance. >> that is right robin gardner is from frederick, maryland.
6:35 am
she worked at a local dentist office. she's lost the job and decided to take a trip to air aruba. now her family and boyfriend are very concerned, worried that she may be dead. on july 31 to let for aruba. her boyfriend says they have been together 2.5 years but quarrelled before she left. a week ago on tuesday he got his last e-mail from her in which she said i love you and said they would work out their differences upon her return. and he originally thought she went to a rebel with a friend. now she believes it was a romantic rival. aruba and authorities detained her companion when he tried to leave the island. abc7 news has learned there a man in the region that includes a lengthy rap sheet. now the island is the scene of
6:36 am
an extensive search efforts that has strong similarities to the 2005 disappearance of natalie holloway appeared then i am outside the home of the natalie holloway resource center, an organization that the family has reached out to. >> thank you. the bodies of 30 u.s. troops killed in saturday's helicopter crash in the afghanistan are now on their way home. it will be a somber ceremony when the bodies of ride this morning. the helicopter crashed while they were on their way to help soldiers ball down in a fight. -- bob down in a fight. >> parts of london were set on fire during that reads -- the third straight night of rioting over there. rioters torched buildings in even attacked officers. it is now spread to the cities
6:37 am
of birmingham and liverpool. the riots were sparked by anger over a deadly pollution -- police shooting last week. >> rick perry is expected to announce whether he will seek the gop nomination during a speech in north carolina on saturday. he traveled to new hampshire. technology and tight budgets have doomed in nearly 200-year- old tradition. the program allowed high school students to serve as messengers for lawmakers and of the process learn about congress. it was also involved in several scandals. the sun is keeping its news program. -- the senate is keeping its news program. >> a 50 foot fall in three days alone in the woods. how or get hiker survived a
6:38 am
terrifying ordeal.
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>> welcome back. 6:40. time for a check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we will check in with doug hill. >> a fairly comfortable morning out there. interesting weather today. we will havetwo two distinct
6:41 am
opportunities for rain. and a little bit hazy, but a fair amount of blue skies overhead. temperatures in the low 70's north and west of town. 78 in the city of washington. 74 and quantico. watching the areas of rain through western maryland. this is pretty much moving eastward. another area of rain in west virginia. making pretty good progress from west to east. a chance of scattered showers through late this morning. a chance of thunderstorms late this afternoon. otherwise sunshine and warm and muggy. look for better weather later in the week, but not quite there yet. another look at conditions and more of the timing for possible showers and storms coming up in just a couple of minutes. thank you.
6:42 am
we want to check in to get the latest on the roads. >> it is better. right now we have of minor crash. northbound 95 at 212 we had an accident. that was moved out of the roadway right away. we will give you the typical march out of waldorf on route 4 between our house road, a slowdown expected on the baltimore washington parkway. southbound accident on 198 with police on the scene. normal delays on 270 coming out of fretwordrick.
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>> the woman who says dominique strauss, sexually assaulting her is now suing him. and she says her encounter left her violated humiliated, degraded. she is now seeking unspecified damages. he has pleaded not guilty to attempted rape and other charges. meanwhile the actors better known as snoop admitted her role during a hearing -- hair wet ring. her trial was set to begin tomorrow. she was arrested, one of 64 people arrested during a series of drug raids. she was sentenced to three years of supervised probation. verizon says striking workers and the lamb line division are engaging in illegal activity. the communications giant says workers blocked non-union workers from accessing company facilities and committed acts of
6:46 am
sabotage. they said is having a minimal impact on service. an oregon hiker who survived a 50 foot fall in three nights in the wilderness a helicopter team found her last week. she was on a camping trip with her boyfriend. she went to look for a campsite, got lost and fell and broke her leg. chief survive by eating berries and caterpillars. -- she survived by eating berries and caterpillars. >> she said she plans to continue hiking. take of the unabomber -- >> the in a beibeunabomber auction will split
6:47 am
the proceeds. of the girl judge ordered that money be given to poor people, including the widows of two men killed in the attacks. the fbi says the dna found on the type of an infamous hijacker does not match the suspect. he hijacked the plane back in 1971 and jumped from the aircraft with more than $200,000 on him the fbi says the test is not necessarily rule out the suspect because the dna might not have been cooper's. in today's political moment, why the debt downgrade could be a big discretion fodistraction for the obama administration. what are the implications from your perspective? >> the big headline at the
6:48 am
moment is the huge stock-market drop. the biggest drop of about three years since the real financial crisis in 2008. i think that is less of a direct impact because there are not that many people have that much invested in the stock market at this hour. the stock market is up to thousand points since he came in. it is a question of confidence of the economy and a question of jobs, jobs jobs. anything that undermines confidence and slows down the process of rebuilding the economy is a real nightmare for the white house. and > guess today there was talk that president obama and his administration planned out a bs us tour to provide as a distraction. -- yesterday there was talk about president obama and his administration planning out of us tour to provide a
6:49 am
distraction. >> there will be in springfield today at a company that will be putting in new moving vehicles that will save gas and fuel. the president thinks those kinds of green jobs are the way of the future. people are real questions about whether those things are you up to take the economy along the enough to get reelected in the next year. >> everyone watching the stock market to see what is going to do today. >> we want to check in with doug hill to get a look at the forecast. good morning. we want to study what in damascus county. nice view. -- we want to start you off in damascus county. thunderstorms possible this afternoon. temperatures around the area right now mainly in the 70's. 70 in the district. 74 north of town. we will see those numbers climb
6:50 am
into the lower 90s. then the first batch of showers through the morning. heavy downpours across lower pennsylvania. this will continue to move easterly. we may see a few showers late this evening. we have been tracking on a wider scam. that is one of them. -- we have been tracking those on a wider scan. look at the map on the upper left-hand side of the screen. gorgeous weather coming for a thursday and friday. warm and unsteady weather for the next couple of days. the straits of rain this afternoon and this evening. thursday and friday looks great. in the were 90s this afternoon. -- lower 90s this afternoon. partly cloudy.
6:51 am
70 tonight. a slight chance of afternoon storm. thursday and friday look good. how nice will thursday and friday be? i will happily be watching with you at a couple of minutes when at imprisons the seven-day. it is good stuff. you do not have tripled doppler at your house? i do not get it. thank you. see you later >>. branch avenue northbound still an accident, but do not sweat it, no delay. washington avenue parkway. sought by a crash at 198. this is typical from springfield. we will take a closer to the pentagon. across
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6:54 am
>> time to check this morning's top stories. wall street has regained some of the huge losses it has seen of the past few days. futures are up with just a couple of more hours until the trading day begins. futures in european stocks were down overnight, but not as severe as sister did. r. rubin authorities are looking for a missing woman.
6:55 am
-- aruban authorities are looking for a missing woman. her boyfriend year she was murdered. to g the 61-year-old was pulled from the water after swimming for 29 hours. she said: office when was the right decision. still, 29 hours. >> florida firefighters responded to a rather unusual call yesterday. >> paul woman pulled into a fire station and asked them to help remove a parrot that was stuck in the grille of her car. and it took 10 minutes to free the parent. he was taken to a wildlife refuge for rehabilitation. >> just checking things out. in looking for a warm place. >> he is lucky he survived with the heat in there.
6:56 am
in to g>> we are surviving in the heat with the leas leaving college park to get around to georgia ave. pretty mundane on 66. the roosevelt bridge in 14 bridge. >> -- and 14 bridge./ . very low humidity. thursday and friday comfortable. a few spotty showers and afternoon downpours. >> that does it for us this morning. good morning america is up next. you can always turn into news channel 8 for continuing coverage. we will be here again at noon. have a wonderful day.
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